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Experienced Vet Media Expert, Board Certified Vet Specialist and Public Educator.

Dr. Avey “Cancer Vet” Turner, is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist available for expert interviews, featured stories and publications on a wide variety of veterinary and human health topics.

With 15 years of experience as a veterinarian and 10 years as a Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist working directly with pet owners, referring veterinarians and leading cooperative research studies, Dr. Avey Cancer Vet is a “super science smarty” who knows her stuff. Because of her friendly, infectious and engaging down-to-earth personality she’s able to communicate this knowledge to educate, interest and engage the general public on complicated subjects. Suggested interviews and feature topics for the media are available at the bottom of this page. For additional information about Dr. Avey, please see: Media Appearances   Speaker Bio   Curriculum Vitae


Why Should You Interview Dr. Avey Cancer Vet?

  • She’s highly credentialed. What sets Dr. Avey apart from other Vet Media Experts is her credentials and high accomplishments as a Board Certified Veterinary Specialist.
  • She’s passionate. Dr. Avey’s passion and ability for drastically improving the lives of humans and pets comes across in interviews and will empower, educate and inspire your audience.
  • She’s engaging. Dr. Avey’s unique gift as a Vet Media Expert is sharing her advanced medical and veterinary knowledge in an engaging and informative way that scientific and non-scientific media audiences can understand.

Dr. Avey has a powerful mission.

Dr. Avey Cancer Vet is on mission to improve the lives of 10 million pets and humans by advancing veterinary and medical research and treatment, promoting the human animal bond, giving hope to those diagnosed with cancer and inspiring at-risk youth and young adults. She’s fiercely committed to educating the public, veterinary and medical communities and media to enhance the lives of both humans and pets.

Dr. Avey is knowledgeable, conversational and engaging.

Veterinary OncologistDr. Avey is available to educate the public on a wide variety of pet and human health diseases. Having attended a one-year internship, a three-year residency program, passing two rigorous certification exams and publishing a paper to become a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (DACVIM) beyond her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree, Dr. Avey Cancer Vet is the go-to expert for discussing complicated pet and human health topics in the media.

Dr. Avey is commonly featured in local and national interviews and publications. She delivers informative sessions to veterinary and medical groups, pet owners and community events for the public. She uses social media, blogging and lectures to extend her outreach all over the

Dr. Avey Gives Hope

Inspiring audiences to take action, overcome obstacles and create their own path when faced with adversity…

  • Giving hope for cancer.Cancer diagnoses in pets and family members can be devastating. Dr. Avey shares heartwarming success stories and real patient stories to let people, pet owners and the public know what is possible in cancer treatment today.
  • Giving hope for life. Despite growing up in a struggling single-parent family, Dr. Avey paved her own way to become the first African American female board certified as a Diplomate by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. She’s passionate about inspiring others to create their own path. Her life is a success and she gives heartwarming inspiration for at-risk youth, college students, African Americans and women around the world.

Pet Cancer Advice

Dr. Avey Cancer Vet Delivers with Fantastic Results

Dr. Avey’s advanced knowledge can benefit your audience when you invite her to share in the powerful ways that she can support your event’s success.

“Dr. Turner is a fantastic guide to all things associated with pet health and medicine. She is able to take complex medical issues, incorporate cutting edge research findings, and distill them into bite sized concepts that allow non-health professionals understand. This allows them to participate in health decisions beyond the initial question of cost.   Jennifer ShearerPartner at Ernst & Young

Dr. Avey’s expert advice, friendly personality and warm smile will engage your audience.

Pet Expert AdviceInterview Quotes from Dr. Avey Cancer Vet:

“Cancer doesn’t have to be a death sentence. We can help them.”

“Once we treat what’s making them sick, they go back to feeling good.”

“There are some cancers that we can cure, but for the most part, it’s about more quality time and better quality time”.

“There are new therapies on the horizon. Now we can target the ability for the tumor to grow.”

Watch Dr. Avey’s Demo Video Below:


A Powerful Interview or Featured Story Can Change LivesVeterinary Media Expert Speaker

Dr. Avey Cancer Vet inspires, educates and engages media audiences. She’s available for local, national and international TV, Radio, Digital and Printed Publications and is happy to custom tailor her sessions to suit your specific medical, veterinary and general public awareness and education needs.

For a list of common interview topics and suggested questions for Dr. Avey Cancer Vet and to schedule her for a media event, featured story or publication, please read below. For suggested topics for speaking events and veterinary audiences, please see Book Me.


Suggested Interviews and Features for Dr. Avey

Topic Suggestions for Pet Owners:
Veterinary and Pet Health
  • Why your pet needs to see a vet each year.
  • What to expect in routine vet visits.
  • Diagnosing Diseases: Why does your vet need to do so many tests?
  • Why does veterinary care cost so much today?
  • Obesity and heath risks in your pet.
  • When to see a Veterinary Specialist.
  • What are Veterinary Specialists?
  • Advances in treatment options for pet health.
  • Diseases you can catch and share with your pet.

Pet Cancer

  • Warning signs your pet may have cancer.
  • Diagnosis, treatment and outcome for pet cancer.
  • Known causes of cancer in pets.
  • Your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, now what?
  • Why treat your pet’s cancer?
  • Diet and lifestyle advice during chemotherapy.
  • Making your pet comfortable with cancer.

Pet Care

  • Warnings for Pet Owners: Toxic plants and food.
  • Expert vet advice for choosing your first pet.
  • Genetic Diseases: Breed warnings for pet owners.
  • Proper diet and nutrition for your pet.
  • How to do a physical exam on your pet.
  • Caring for an older pet.
  • Coping with the loss of a pet.

Topic Suggestions for General Public Audiences:

Medical and Human Health

  • Overcoming obstacles: Life after a cancer diagnosis.
  • How to test for genetic diseases
  • Why comparative research is saving lives
  • Recent outbreaks for human and animal scares: Get the real facts from Dr. Avey
  • Advances in treatment for common diseases.
  • Common diseases humans catch from animals: risk, prevention and treatment.
  • Warning Signs: Lime, Rabies, Ebola, TB, Bird Flu and other infectious diseases.
  • Cancer advances: Latest diagnostic, treatment and probable outcomes.

Hope, Inspiration and Motivation

  • Create your own path: Inspiring advice for at-risk youth.
  • Achieve your dream: Motivation for African American women.
  • How to kick college’s butt and excel against all odds: Inspiring advice for college students and young adults.
  • Breaking the cycle of teen pregnancy.
  • Overcoming obstacles: Life after a cancer diagnosis.
  • Overcoming obstacles: How to get your silver spoon.
  • Surviving the loss of a parent, loved one or friend.
  • You define your life: Overcoming being born into a struggling and low income family.

I’m happy to custom tailor my expertise to engage, educate and inspire your specific audience.

Veterinary SpeakerIt would be my pleasure to educate your audience!

I’m available for interviews, featured expert stories and publications for local (Los Angeles, CA), national and international TV, Radio, Digital and Print. As a Board Certified Veterinary Oncologist, I’m well versed in human and pet health diseases and can quickly prepare expert interview opinions on topics not suggested above. Once a topic is chosen, I will be happy to submit a list of suggested interview questions custom tailored for your unique audience. I’ll also use my social media and extended community network to let others know about our upcoming interview or featured story.

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Dr. Avey “Cancer Vet” Turner

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